Building a Strong AR Creator Community: Strategies for Developing Powerful AR Lenses and Filters

How Gen Z Is Redefining the Role of Cameras
Building a Strong AR Creator Community:
Strategies for Developing Powerful
AR Lenses and Filters
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Hey, AR creators! You know the struggle of finding 3D assets for your visual ideas. But what if we told you that Shader has a solution for building 3D assets using just your camera?

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That's right! Our AI-generated models can help you create a more unique and immersive experience in platforms like Unity, Snapchat Lens Studio, Meta SparkAR, TikTok Effect House, and more. And the best part? It's super easy to use!

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We understand that generative AI is becoming a crucial part of AR developer workflows. That's why Shader's solution allows you to generate 3D models as ingredients for your AR experiences. And if you're looking for even more advanced options, we've got you covered with neural radiance fields (NeRFs) for 3D scenes.


Now, we know you're itching to try it out, so we're inviting you to join our community of beta testers for our AR Creator SDK. Try Shader's solution now and take your AR experience to the next level!

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How Gen Z is Redefining the Role of Cameras

250M+ users engage with AR per day

300K+ active AR creators 

73.3% of users like to record videos with fun lenses or filters, something that makes their friends/family laugh

70% of users prefer to post on social media only personalized and authentic content, something special and unique.

What AR Creators & AR Lovers Are Saying

Elia Rohrbach (@eliarohrbach) / Twitter

"I prefer video content as my style of online communication. I grew up with videos in my bedroom using a camera, and now I use smartphones. Whenever I want to share something with my girlfriend or friends, I record a video of myself or whatever I want to share. I also take photos on a regular basis. For instance, if I want to comment on something at work, I just photograph it. So, I would say that if I want to share something, I definitely use visual content more."

Elia Rohrbach,

Designer and AR Creator ~ Turning AR into an effortless reality

Fabrizzio Moncada - Product Designer - Spline | LinkedIn

“A lot of mobile video editing tools are straightforward and nice. They aren't super powerful, but I think they led me to my job. Desktop solutions, to be honest, are better for color correction, but of course, they are more complex. I think my pain point is mainly related to color correction. Sometimes it's hard to keep track of all the files and then move them to the timeline. Those are the main things that I struggle with."

Fabrizzio Moncada, 

Product Designer, Video Creator

Florencia Solari - Entrepreneur Selection & Growth Associate - Endeavor |  LinkedIn

"My creation connects to my mood and interests. I love science fiction, fantasy, and similar genres. If I had an AI tool to create AR lenses and filters, I would likely add characters and elements in a fantasy style to complement the scene. For example, if it was someone's birthday, it would be awesome to create a simple personalized filter. Or I would love to simply say, ‘I'm soooo angry’ and then have my hair grow bigger and my skin turn red."

Florencia Solari 

AR Creator

As digital natives, Gen Z members have grown up with access to technology and are very comfortable using it in their everyday lives. One particular technology that has undergone significant changes in recent years is the camera, and Gen Z is at the forefront of this shift.

  • Gen Z is driving the trend of using smartphones as primary cameras. As smartphone technology continues to improve, the quality of the cameras on these devices has also significantly increased. This trend has made it easier and more convenient for Gen Z to capture photos and videos on the go without the need for a separate camera or web product to create effects.
  • Gen Z is pushing for more authenticity in photography and videography. Instead of the overly stylized and curated content popularized by previous generations, Gen Z values raw and unfiltered visuals that depict real-life experiences. They try to capture real moments in real time but with a fun and unique story. 
  • Gen Z is driving the popularity of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies in the camera space. These technologies enable users to enhance their photos and videos with various digital effects and filters, creating a more immersive and interactive experience. 
  • Gen Z's affinity for smartphones as primary cameras, their desire for authenticity in visuals, and their interest in AR and VR technologies are driving significant changes in the camera space. 

As this generation continues to age and become a more significant consumer demographic, we can expect further advancements and innovations in camera technology to cater to their preferences and needs.


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